John Douglas Publishing

Welcome to John Douglas Publishing

John Douglas Publishing is an exciting new publisher of niche books with an emphasis on New Zealand military history.

The principal Bob Anderson is deeply immersed in the traditions and nuances of the military and diplomatic infrastructures of New Zealand.

Bob counts many current and retired ranking personnel and military historians as valued friends, a number of whom he has encouraged into authorship over the years. Conversely, a considerable number have encouraged Bob in the formation of this new organisation so that he may continue to produce his excellent portrayals of the legendary exploits of New Zealanders on the world stage.

John Douglas Publishing will consider and assess any book concept, or any manuscript, that will foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the roles of our military at home and overseas.

John Douglas Publishing also provides a book production and packaging service to assist authors in other fields who require the guidance of deep experience in all aspects of quality book publishing and marketing, both domestically and internationally.